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Three.JS-Webpack Boilerplate

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Three.JS is an awesome library. It is based on WebGL, and has a straightforward, and well-documented API. However, I found that project's initial setup may require some boilerplate.

I created some minimal configuration to bootstrap a project, and want to share with everyone. It includes webpack, webpack-dev-server, and prettier. I also included one of three.js demo projects, to test deployment on GitHub pages.

The boilerplate is available on GitHub, and you can play with the demo here.



Clone the project, and install dependencies

git clone https://github.com/aakatev/three-js-webpack.git
npm i

Run webpack-dev-server

npm run start


(Optional) Format your code

npm run format

Bundle javascript

npm run build

Upload on any static website hosting, like GitHub pages! Done!

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Great post, thanks heaps Artem!