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Discussion on: Why don't you use Ansible ?

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Yeah, but ultimately containers and orchestrator done right is much better approach in a long run, although it involves some complexity.

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You are absolutely right. But it's like saying electric cars are the ultimate vehicles for everyone. Perhaps I only need a skateboard? Not a very good example but I hope you get my point :).

I believe that we should embrace new technologies with care. If a team wants to move to docker, they should learn to set it up properly first. It's very easy to get started with Docker, just a few commands. But to really set it up properly and manage it, we need to spend a significant amount of time (and we should). Until we can really invest the effort, we should not just blindly do it.

Same for Ansible, it's a great tool, but it's not the right solution for every situation. The reason we use tools is to save time and cost. If the specific tool cannot save either then we should consider something else.