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Bulk Forward messages in Telegram using this Python Script 😎

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A simple script to forward all the messages of one chat (private/group/channel) to another. Made using Telethon. Can be used to back up the contents of a chat to another place.


  • Clone this repo and move into it to get started.
git clone && cd telegram-chat-forward
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  • Create a virtual environment and install dependencies.
python3 -m venv venv && . venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
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Note: For Windows, the process for activating a virtual environment is different, search Google.

Signing in

First of all you need to have your Telegram account's api_id and api_hash.
Learn how to get them.


You must have the api_id and api_hash as environment variables.
You may simply create a file named .env in the project directory and paste the following into it.

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Replace the above values with the actual values for your telegram account.

After this you need to create and fill up the config.ini file with your forwarding configurations.


  • The from and to in the config.ini has to be a username/phone/link/chat_id of the chat.
  • To confirm that you are using the correct from and to run the script.

  • You may have as many as forwarding pairs as you wish. Make sure to give a unique header to each pair. Follow the syntax shown below.

[name of forward1]
; in the above line give any name as you wish
; the square brackets around the name should remain
from = whatAz
to = testWha
offset = 0
; the offset will auto-update, keep it zero initially
[another name]
; the name of section must be unique
from = someone
to = another
offset = 0
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Note:Any line starting with ; in a .ini file, is treated as a comment.


  • When you run the script for the first time, keep offset=0.
  • When the script runs, the value of offset in config.ini gets updated automatically.
  • Offset is basically the id of the last message forwarded from from to to.
  • When you run the script next time, the messages in from having an id greater than offset (newer messages) will be forwarded to to. That is why it is important not to loose the value of offset.


After setting up the config.ini, run the script.

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You have to login for the first time using your phone number (inter-national format) and login code.

A session file called forwarder.session will be generated. Please don't delete this and make sure to keep this file secret.

Feel free to ask your questions via Telegram chat with me. For bugs and feature requests use the issues section of this repo.


To get all information about any particular chat:

  • Run the script
  • Open Telegram and send .id to any chat to get the chat id.
  • Send .info to any chat to get details of the chat.
  • When you are done, come back to your terminal and press CTRL + C to stop.

MIT license

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