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@ben How can I make myself an admin? Is there any separate area for admins?


For development, you can add yourself as admin via CLI.

  1. Open up your CLI
  2. Run bin/rails console
  3. Run this one-liner:
User.last.add_role :super_admin # assuming you are the last user

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm thinking of moving my discourse forum to dev.to hosted site.

Can you let me know what are the minimum requirements to host dev.to instance?

I've around 19K users and 20000+ Posts on my discourse forum.

Ah gotcha. Someone else in this thread asked this question, so I'll link that thread, which includes @ben and @peter 's responses: dev.to/tristan957/comment/4j6g

It's not relevant to my question. It's not related to programming its something about a community of founders which is based on discourse.

So I wanted to know the basic requirements to run dev.to hosted environment.


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