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re: Hi Shahroz, Will you recommend a cloud hosting or a wordpress/woocommerce hosting for a dropshipping store with at least 5000 products and 10k-20k...

Hi Sharjeel,

Nice question. If you have 5000 products in your drop shipping store then there are a lot of database queries are running. You must watch out for this and optimize your hosting accordingly. For instance, you need Memcache, Redis and PHP-fpm technologies to tackle down things. I can say 10000-20000 traffic is normal for any website you can use the 4GB server of DigitalOcean, Linode, and AWS. I would recommend DigitalOcean because DO is more developer friendly cloud server. Also if you can't manage your server you can launch it from CLOUDWAYS platform :)


thanks a lot. Great help. I will surely look into it.

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