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How to integrate Shopify to Django

_giangarcia14_ profile image G I A N 😎 ・1 min read

How to integrate Shopify to Django?
I want to show the orders and customer info from Shopify directly to Django.

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Vicente G. Reyes

Hey Gian! Welcome to DEV!

Shopify has a sample app that integrates Django with their platform. You should definitely check it out!

GitHub logo Shopify / shopify_django_app

Get a Shopify app up and running with Django and Python Shopify API

Shopify Django App Example

This project makes it easy to get a Shopify app up and running with Django and the Python Shopify API.

This project simply displays basic information about the shop's products and orders.

This project has the following structure

  • shopify_app an app which handles authentication (meant to be reusable)
  • home an app which contains the example code to demonstrate how to use the API (meant to be modified or replaced to create your Shopify App).
  • shopify_django_app project files for serving this app.

Get It Running

Create Your App Configuration

You will then have access to your API key and API secret KEY, you will need these for the next steps.



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