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Discussion on: How to become a senior developer?

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Ezell Frazier

Does everything have to be defined in a literal sense? Seems like a great way to miss the point.

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Michael Kohl • Edited on

Does everything have to be defined in a literal sense?

Not necessarily. On the other hand do words with established meanings need to be overloaded? "Seniority" is a concept used in many different contexts, not only software development. Adding particular connotations and subtexts because they fit our specific discourse — or whatever someone believes that should entail — seems like a bigger opportunity to miss the point to me, but YMMV.

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Sebastian Vargr • Edited on

If we leave things up to interpretation then people are ultimately gonna disagree what things mean, which then leads to problems in my experience.

In the end this a rather benign problem relatively speaking imho, but a problem none the less. :)

fx. when a none teck person are looking for X type of developer, but by X they really mean Y, and the person reading it understands it as Z.