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Hi Laurie, great question.

I don't have a 'one-shoe-fits-all' approach to writing the most readable code all the time. At one point I wished for that, but I'm understanding writing code is better off not that way.

The last pattern described particularly useful when the associated callback function for array.map is so long, I forget that it's a callback. In that case I may have something like this:

// Either import it or placed elsewhere in the same file if not used anywhere else
import {crazyLongCallback} from './crazyCallbacks'

const bigDataList = [...]
const parsedDataList = bigDataList.map(crazyLongCallback) 

So I find it useful when discovering different design patterns and ways to handle problems. I tend to gravitate toward the solution in which I hope me I and my colleagues can read after a day, week, or month's time.

Thanks for the read!


That's awesome. Do you find yourself staying consistent in the same codebase?


Yep, but I just thought of another question. Does the length of a code-block have a big impact on readability? I'd imagine this isn't the case for everyone.

I don't know. Does it? I'd argue that it absolutely does. But you can shorten a code block and make it less readable at the same time. It matters how you do these things.

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