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Mahmoud Elmahdi
Mahmoud Elmahdi

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I published my first YouTube video 🎉

I published my first YouTube Video 🎉 and I am so excited about it!

I always keen to learn, and share knowledge by helping others. A few years ago I start writing articles here and there, before that I used to make reusable interactive demos once in a while and answering questions from forums & communities.

Nearly everyone likes to "read" pictures

I enjoy writing, but I recently found myself enjoying the process of recording, editing videos and it seems to be fascinating path to move towards it.

Hundred of thousands (including me) if not millions are watching YouTube videos to be entertained, inspired, relax or to learn something new. There's dozens of rooms for everybody to create and provide more and more useful content, so I challenged myself and I am excited about it to create a Elmahdi Media channel on YouTube to create a variety of quality web developments and programming videos with the aim to help others build craft clean and user-friendly software for real world applications.

CSS Auto Dark and Light Mode is my kick off video. Feedback, comments and suggestions appreciate it 🙏. If you have any or corrections to make, please do not hesitate to drop me a note/comment.

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