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re: There is a linkage between a quality of the code and the amount of stars, though. I am not saying zero-stars means bad code, but 10K stars probabl...

I'm not sure it always means good code, but it does usually mean useful or interesting code.


A huge percentage of websites run on WordPress, so I'd say the code there is incredibly useful. But the last time I looked at it, I found it quite hard to grok.

But that's just my opinion :).

I found it quite hard to grok

That’s true, but while we are going to use the code as a library, this is none of our concern.
The code might be hard to grok due to many reasons.

I'm not convinced. Hard-to-understand code can be hard to maintain as the codebase grows and evolves. It also becomes hell when there's a bug in code that uses that library, and you have to dig through incomprehensible stack traces.

Nah :)

I was grown as a developer when all the 3rd-party code was closed and all you had to dig into was a disassembly.

Well, ok, I do agree to some extent that code readability somewhat matters, plus wide-used code is usually well-written, but turning back to Wordpress example, I’d prefer it to be a WP rather than something having 102% code coverage, 107% test coverage, but not proven in battles.

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