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re: Is being a master Android developer feasible today considering the availability of UI frameworks such as Flutter, React etc.? VIEW POST


With frameworks like React Native and flutter, you're relying either on the framework to give you access to underlying APIs, or the knowledge on developing your own integrations. And as great as these abstractions are, they always impose some performance hit.


Thank you for your response! There is a constant pressure, I feel, to need to have applications be catered for both Android and iOS crowd, as they are the dominant forces in the market - also suggested by companies who put React Native as their requirement for new hires. So I have been under the notion that the said frameworks are the way to go, which is the basis of a dilemma on whether to dive into these frameworks, or go deeper to gain a better understand of Android :/


I'd say it's worth getting an understanding of React Native, but you can position yourself as able to dive into the underlying implementation whenever needed. Instead of being a JavaScript dev who knows how to build native, you can be a native developer who has an understanding of the abstracting integration.

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