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Connect PS5 or PS4 with Discord (PC, iPhone or Android)

In May of last year (2021) PlayStation announced its collaboration with Discord and therefore committing itself to PS4 and PS5 users being able to use the Discord Chat platform from their video game console system. However, since then PlayStation users have been waiting for Discrod's integration with PS4 or PS5 to take place. Well, after several months without news, the integration is finally ready and now you can use Discord on your PlayStation.

It should be noted that this integration is done through Discord and Playstation Networ (PSN) and although it began to be available in the United Kingdom and the United States, it is now available to users from all over the world, including Spain, as it could not be otherwise.

It should also be mentioned that at the moment the integration is quite limited, as currently the PS and Discord link is limited to displaying your PSN username and the username of the game you are currently playing on your Discord account. , as it does with PC games. However, this does not mean that in the future this collaboration will allow you to chat with your Discord friends directly from the console during your games. It may just be a matter of time.

Once these details have been clarified, in this tutorial we will show you in detail how to connect your Discord account with PS5 and PS4 through PSN (PlayStation Network) :

Link your Discord account with your PS5 or PS4 game console from PC or Web.
Open the Discord app on your computer or the web version of the platform.

When you are in the interface, you will have to click on the gear icon next to your username (bottom left of the interface)

This will take you to the Discord settings.

In the menu on the left, go to the section: Connections

Now you will see how in the central part there is a list of platforms with which to connect your Discord account. Among them you will find the icon of: PlayStation (PS)

After clicking on this icon, a new tab will open in your web browser where you will need to log in to your PlayStation (PSN) account.

As soon as you have logged into your PS account, you will need to verify and accept the link details.

As mentioned before, once the two platforms are linked, you can enable the ability to display not only your PSN username on your Discord profile, but also the name of the game you're currently playing. on your PS5 or PS5.

Connect Discord with your PS5 or PS4 game console from the iPhone or Android app.
Open the Discord app on your iPhone or Android.

Within the interface, click on your profile picture section.

Here you have to select: Connections.

On the next screen click on: Add (upper right corner)

The list of available platforms will be displayed in which you have to select: PlayStation Network

You will be redirected to the Sony website where you need to sign in to your PlayStation account.

After logging in, you will be shown the details of the link, which you must accept.

You will automatically be sent back to the Discord app where you can decide whether or not you want to display information such as:

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