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Would you like to help create a free and/or decentralized web?

Although the internet was created for military usage by ARPANET. But the web is created mostly for scientific usage and resource sharing which embraces the free access and free expression.

But over time, we see the trend that web companies tend to suspend accounts whose contents don't not meet their categories.

These functions give the companies power to mute people they don't like and now it has become a disaster in free news and express.

Centralized web services have shown their powers of destroying people's freedom and the truth itself.

Do you think the same and want to build a new decentralized web with fundamental functions?

If so, you can help to make it realized.

I started a project called free web movement to represent such ideas, you can see if you would like to help it:

Any help is welcome.

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Jay Jeckel
  1. Enable distributed, decentralized and persistent storage by the cryptocurrency network

Ah, I knew this smelled of web3. To answer the question, no, I'm not interested in a "free" web that revolves around crypto and blockchain because it isn't actually "free". It isn't free as in beer, because it costs money by connecting every action to a crypto transaction and it isn't free as in freedom, because the user has no control over anything put on the blockchain. The "free and decentralized web" is fancy talk for a microtransaction infested internet with no privacy or control over your own data. So, thank you, but no.

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NotFound404 Author

here free means freedom.

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