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Discussion on: Design Patterns in Web Development - #2 Memento

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Sven Assmann

very nice reading.. by the way your memes are shit but your cover pic is awesome :)

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Manuel Spagnolo Author

LOL I am trying hard to look funny, as I am obviously not. Gotta try harder.
Thanks for reading! (:

estebanrocha profile image
Esteban Rocha

Good article, but just stop trying look x or y that's sad, just let it flow and be yourself, The harder you try, the more difficult everything becomes

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Valentin Silvestre

Or just stop trying, you are doing nice work so continue with the nice work :)

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Manuel Spagnolo Author • Edited

I was actually joking about this "funny" thing. The thing gets worse every comment, apparently :D

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Marco Nicolodi

I think you are pretty funny

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