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Discussion on: What Are Your Favorite/Current Mouse and Keyboard Setups?

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Devin W. Leaman

A lot of people have responded already but haven't seen it as a top-level comment yet. I use the WASD Code Keyboard with Cherry MX-Blue keys. I work from home so noise isn't an issue, I am merely a fan of the feedback from the keys and quite honestly, when I'm pissed and arguing with a family member or friend over text, it's really satisfying 😅

As for a mouse, I use something unconventional... I use a Razer Naga and will always use one so long as they're manufactured. The number pad on the side is rather strange to get used to at first, but they provide some little training pads with the mouse to help you get used to it. After you get used to it, having the extra shortcuts right on the side of my hand is something I'd never give up. For reference:


The one I'm using now is no longer sold, and I've had my eye on the newest version which would let me switch the side-panels as I desire. I just haven't had a reason to replace this one as it hasn't given me a single problem in the years that I've had it.