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Discussion on: Why do great developers love writing tests?

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Devin W. Leaman • Edited on

If you're working with Node.js, I use Jest in my tests and it's pretty wonderful to use. I highly recommend giving it a shot 😊

P.S. Here's the Getting Started guide I followed when I first gave Jest a shot.

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Germán González

Jajaja I forgot to explain what language I use. Currently I'm working with C # for the backend and Angular for the front.

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Devin W. Leaman

I've honestly never worked with either of those so I'm not too sure what your best option would be 😅

Hopefully, someone else can chime in shortly with some help though.

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Robin Kretzschmar

Thanks for the clarification, maybe you can edit your post to get this info straight at the first glance? :)