Is 20-20-20 👁️ or Pomodoro 🍅 not working for you? Try this.

Sanket Patel on January 29, 2019

Not sure why but both the techniques didn't work for me and I was in need of something that can force me to take a break. So I invented 😉 the fo... [Read Full]
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Hi @simoroshka , actually I was under impression that there is no much harm to have more water. We just need to urinate regularly without giving much burden to the kidney. But as you said some article explains that overhydration is also a thing. This of Reader's Digest suggests, to urinate up to 10 times a day is okay. If you need to go more then you are over drinking. Surely this is not something official or full proof guidance but this is what I found. I would love to know if you or anyone have a concrete idea about the same.

Considering the same in my case, if 10 is upper limit then also I think I would left with at least 5-6 such sessions. So by drinking little less water I can make the sessions of 45min-1hr, which is enough to cover most part of my day.

Let me edit the post to mention the same.

Thanks for pointing it out :)


Oddly enough I do something similar, but with tea ('cause I'm British, probably), although it's typically 1-2 hours between breaks for me.


I am also drinking a lot during the work day and I think it increases my productivity. I prefer hot water with ginger. Thanks for sharing!


I think it is not healthy overhydration can effect your health in a bad way.


Yes, I got to know about it from @simoroshka 's comment. That's why, I added the NOTE. Thanks for your concern, though :)


That's different haha, it is a pomodoro technique but healthier. But I see a con, if you work near your manager you may annoy him because you're going out to pee and fill your bottle alot.

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