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🎉 Product Launch - "Note Box" Chrome Extension 🎉

Mehul Lakhanpal
Full stack Developer | Micro-blogging on Web Development at | Creator of File Ops, Note Box, GitHub Marker
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Hey Everyone,

I just released my second chrome extension "NOTE BOX". It lets you write notes based on the URL (specifically domain). Notes appear when you go back to the same domain (or any of its URLs) or can be accessed from Homepage.

Demo -

Download it here -


Alt Text

Alt Text

My first chrome extension "GITHUB MARKER" provides options like Bookmark/Read/Favorite a link on Github repos.

Download it here -


Alt Text

DM if anyone interested in collaborating/contributing.

Would appreciate like, share or comment.

Note: No signup. Free of cost. All the data is stored in browser memory.

Hope you like it.


Thanks for reading 💙

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Discussion (2)

sylwiavargas profile image
Sylwia Vargas

Ah wonderful, congratulations! I will try it out!

318097 profile image
Mehul Lakhanpal Author

Thank you so much Sylwia 😇