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New App: Share Your Gender Pronoun in Your Bio

2spacemilk profile image Mark Harless ・2 min read

It takes me awhile to create an app. From the initial thought, the planning, the coding and then the deployment. My simple full-stack Flask app took almost one month to complete! Granted, I was learning Python and Flask along the way, it still took awhile.

So I decided to challenge myself and create an app all in one day. What I came up with was Pronounly, an easy way for people to share there gender pronoun in their bio. Users just have to enter and append their pronoun. So if you identify as a 'she', you would use

The app was created using React and deployed on Heroku. Instead of paying for Heroku's SSL certification I decided to try out Cloudflare — which is amazing might I add! It also handles my redirects much more intuitively than Google Domains, I believe.

Design is also a big part of my background. While I'm not a designer by any means, I am a photographer who's very nitpicky with how things look. I wanted to go with a more "natural" and brutalist design. No colors and no animations. Nothing crazy, nothing fancy.

Since I wanted the app to look simple, I also wanted the code to be simple since it was going to be a public repo for my resume. Here's what my App.js renders:

      <Pronounly />
        <Route exact path='/'>
          <About />
          <Importance />
          <Share />

        <Route exact path='/he'>
          <Pronoun pronoun='he' />
          <Example pronoun='he' />
          <Importance />
          <Share />

        <Route exact path='/she'>
          <Pronoun pronoun='she' />
          <Example pronoun='she' />
          <Importance />
          <Share />

        <Route exact path='/they'>
          <Pronoun pronoun='they' />
          <Example pronoun='they' />
          <Importance />
          <Share />

        <Route path='*'>
          {/* 404 */}
          <Contribute />
          <Importance />
          <Share />

      <Footer />
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I know it's a very simple website and that it has been done before, but I'm very happy with how it turned out and how I did it all in one day. I think doing more of these "one-day challenges" will help me become a more proficient coder as it forces me to prioritize important parts of my app. But right now, I'm working on another React app using data I scraped from IMDb to play Hangman!


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