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re: I think you started with a great post but deviated in the middle of it. If you step back for a second you can see the irony in the post. You're ask...

I understand what you mean by that. And yes, I do hold strong opinions on my own. But the fact is, I'm not forcing any of those ideas to anyone.

Strict typing is optional, as I mentioned in the post, in a dynamically typed language of course you'd like to use the dynamic typing. What I wanted to convey is: use dynamic typing when you need to, otherwise stay on the safer side with predictability.

Also, I am not targeting any particular framework. Laravel has its problems and so does every other framework. Choose what you need to, when you need to. I personally like taking pieces off Symfony and wiring them up together. I never said, "never use a web framework". I recommended to not get tightly coupled to one framework.

About Active Record: yes, I do believe it's an Anti-pattern. And I would advise anyone against it.

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