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What I built

Rosetta Phone:
In this hectic, unpredictable time, it is vital that people are able to keep on top of their health. People are waiting weeks to receive test results and medical updates, and it becomes stressful for patients and their families, and burdensome for medical providers, to deal with lengthy phone calls and delayed information.

Rosetta Phone is an app that aims to streamline communication between healthcare providers and recipients. The app allows healthcare providers to send secure updates without needing to divulge personal information, such as phone numbers. Each user receives a unique ID, which patients will share with their doctors in person at an appointment, confirming their consent to be contacted and ensuring that only their doctor receives their ID. From there, doctors and their staff can quickly send patients updates.

Category Submission: COVID-19 Communications

Demo Link


Link to Code


How I built it

I worked with @LuigiLegion (https://github.com/LuigiLegion) on this project. Our stack was comprised of Node.js, React, Express and PostgreSQL. When a user logs in securely through Google OAuth, their data is securely stored in a PostgreSQL database so that providers can send messages without collecting any information beyond what the patient is willing to provide. We used Twilio to send the messages.

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