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Funny Memes and Facts for Software Developer 🤩

1nj3ct0r profile image 1nj3ct0r ・2 min read

Some programming humor to get you through your week 😅

  1. When you count objects, you unconsciously start counting at 0 🤔 Meme 1
  2. You don't have problems naming folders and files because you spend most of your time naming variables 😂 Meme 2
  3. If your code compiles and works on the first try, get suspicious 🤯 Meme 3
  4. A non-technical person will find your Google searches really annoying 😐 Meme 4
  5. Debugging can take between one minute and one day 🙄 Meme 5
  6. Semicolons, brackets and parenthesis are evil 😈 Meme 6
  7. You don't know what this line of code does, but if you delete it, your entire application will crash 🤣
  8. Most of your Google searches end with "doesn't work" 😭
  9. Going off the deep end when someone who knows HTML and CSS says he's a programmer 😑 Meme 7
  10. You can't try to solve a mistake the next day with a new perspective... Because you can never stop thinking about it 😖 Meme 8
  11. Sometimes you ask yourself, "Is it even a mistake if you can't reproduce it?" 🥺
  12. CSS Meme 9
  13. It may not be an ideal solution, but it is a solution 🧐 Meme 10
  14. Git it ❗❓ Meme 11
  15. Who wrote this inefficient piece of code? Oh, wait, that was me 😳 Meme 12 If you've made it this far, here's a bonus Linux joke for you 😄 Special Meme

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