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re: Most people don't tend to leave reviews if a service is good. More so if it's bad. Reviews in this sense are skewed. They have tens of thousands of...

I read more into the reviews. The top complaints that I could work out

  • they suspended me because my credit card failed.

They reply with a well thought out explanation. Fraud. People cancel their cards when they are lost or stolen so in the case of using CC it's risky. I've always used PayPal

  • No DDOS protection/DDOS protection sucks

Hetzner don't provide DDOS protection on their dedicated servers. This has always been the case

  • I have a hardware/software issue

Hetzner doesn't give technical support beyond the very basics. Their cheap prices reflect this.

It seems people just misunderstand what they are actually buying. And also expect too class support for a few dollars a month.

Hope this clears up some of the reviews. Most are nonsensical and are just the by product of expecting everything for nothing

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