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Discussion on: Responsibilities of a Senior Dev

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Some of what you list is probably better done by whoever wears the "Scrum master" hat, and some of it is better dealt with by whoever wears the "devops" hat.

The "sad" fact, is that if your employer doesn't pay people in those roles that I put in quotes, then yes, it is the Senior Developer that does it.

As you move up, through Lead to Architect the workload gets more hectic, and you have more meetings with 3rd parties etc. If you go the Dev Manager route, you get to delegate more, but only if you have a good team (and deciding on the team is your responsibility).

Unfortunately, I'm Architect and Dev Manager. So today I've been helping a junior through IDE setup, while talking to a director about options for ROI on a new project, and everything in between.

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Kim Arnett  Author

You're right! As I stated, my experience is coming from mobile, where there really isn't a market for Mobile DevOps. It's fallen on Senior Engineers at all of the large well known companies I've worked with.