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Discussion on: 7 new features, 51.3 new bugs added πŸ˜‹, the DEV.TO πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» editor [PART DEUX!]

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Hmm, couldn't you just use the title attribute of a tag instead of the title tag? As far as I know, the attribute works perfectly fine.

So I just tested the undo-redo again.... and it works. Until I click the text box again, where it resets to what it just was.

I'm still confused as to what sticky keys do... Not sure if I skipped a part of the reading in the first version or something...

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So the SVGs have a title - I will actually grab that and build a proper tooltip as there is a lot to consider such as it showing when a button is focused not just on hover (so that people who can only use a keyboard can read them too or people on touch devices. Unfortunately the title attribute won’t work for that.

Looks like a bug you found! Only 52 others to find and you found all the ones I know about 😜. Seriously though is good to know so I can look into it. Thanks!

Sticky keys is for one handed operation. So instead of pressing Ctrl + b you can press \ and THEN press b. It is a way of making the system more usable for people who only have use of one hand etc. Needs some work though as the \ key is useful for escaping characters and at the moment you can’t use it at all!