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Starting #100DaysOfCode challenge.

** fcc - freeCodeCamp

  • Main and Absolute Goal - Become better at algorithms.
  • Goal 1: complete fcc the responsive web design projects: Achieved 29/11/20
  • Goal 2: complete fcc the javascript algorithms and data structures projects
  • Goal 3: complete fcc front end libraries projects

25/11/20 Day 1:

I revised HTML & HTML5, CSS, Visual design, Accessibility, Responsive principles, and CSS Flexbox. Next, I'll be working on CSS Grid and hope to start the first responsive design project - Tribute Page.

26/11/20 Day 2:

Today I completed the Tribute page project and Survey form project today.
tribute page -
survey form -
One of the challenges I faced working on these projects was coding with semantic HTML, particularly with the tribute page, I had to go over the lessons on accessibility which was helpful and guided me to complete the task.
Forms presented opportunities to dive into the MDN docs and learn about the types of inputs that exist using the HTML tag. This was fun. Next, I'll be working on the Product Landing page.

27/11/20 Day 3:

I completed the 3rd & 4th web design project from fcc.
Product landing page:
Untitled Unmastered Lyrics:
With regards to these projects, I learned about the history of embedding and how it developed to where it is today. During this project, I was getting caught up with screen breakpoints for but l learned the need to not be fixated on specific breakpoints, but rather to make breakpoints content-specific. Also, I really enjoyed getting familiar with using the grid system for layout and getting better practice with it. Next, I'll be completing the portfolio project.

(underlying thoughts): styling is intense 😅, it is not as "easy" or "straight forward" as I have always thought it would be. There is so much to it, for example, a brief look at media query features and I was taken back, "width" is only one of the 29 available features.

28/11/20 Day 4:

I started working on the portfolio project web design from fcc.
One thing I learned today using CSS is, using "em" is preferable to "px" for web pages.

29/11/20 Day 5:

I completed my portfolio project, now I am working through revising basic javascript. My new goal is now to complete javascript algorithms and data structure projects.
I learned how if statements are different from switch cases and when to use either. If statements are evaluated booleans whereas switch cases evaluate the value passed (in the case of js) to output a true or false.
Multidimensional arrays + nested for loops kinda intimidated me, so I'll be working on that tomorrow.

30/11/20 - 1/12/20 Day 6 - 7:

I completed the basic javascript section and now completing the regex part too. So regex...where do I begin...I need more practice with regex is all I'm going to say. It is painful enough to try and remember the patterns and their meanings.

2 - 3/12/20 Day 8 - 9:

I went over regex once more to get more clarity, I do feel more comfortable about it, but I can accept I still have lots to learn about regarding regex. I also completed the debugging section today which was relatively straightforward to follow.

4 - 7/12/20 Day 10 - 12:

Wow so a lot has been covered; debugging, basic data structures, algorithm scripting, object-oriented & functional programming.
Currently, I am working on intermediate algorithm scripting, a bit more difficult so I am going to go back to topics covered in this section, revising them so I can apply what I have learned to the challenges.

8/12/20 Day 13:

So I am currently I am working on intermediate algorithm scripting and even though I went through all of those sections, writing algorithms is still a pain point. I will definitely spend some more time on improving this.
Completing these fcc sections on fundamentals grounded me and assured me I have no difficulties with the concepts, however, its application to writing algorithms is what I must work on.

9 - 11/12/20 Day 14 - 16:

Still working through intermediate algorithm thing I am learning during the process of working through algorithm scripting is not to get bogged down on problems I can't solve. Instead ask for help by researching, if I find a solution study the implementation, and try to recreate it. Plus I shouldn't spend more than 30-45 mins on a question.

12 - 15/12/20 Day 17- 20:

20 Days deep! I have completed the intermediate algorithm scripting, but I am not exactly satisfied with how I completed it; I had to study other implementations before I felt comfortable attempting with my own solution. I do think I will be able to fully implement algorithms as I continue to practice and solving them...but right now it feels mythical and it kinda sucks lol.
On to the javascript project.

 16 - 17/12/20 Day 21 - 22:

this last challenge isn't the one mate, my head is completely blank on how to go about this looool, the other 4 was alright but this one....this one.

18/12/20 Day 23:

So, yeah I think I am going to come back to the 5th challenge, boy this is not a joke lol, so I moved on to Front end libraries certifications. Today I completed bootstrap, jQuery, and currently working on saas.

19 - 21/12/20 Day 24 - 26:

I enjoyed learning saas, I like how it writes like javascript to some extent. it makes styling much quicker. currently working through react library, so far so good. Periodically I return back to the cash register problem, the last challenge on js algorithm and data structure, spending more time researching how to solve the problem so I can get a clue for my solution.

22 - 23/12/20 Day 27 - 28:

Worked my way through the react challenges, I've been exposed to react, but this is really helping to cement and improve my fundamentals. Working with the lifecycle methods and handling events has given me a bit of confidence to work more with react, previously those were things I didn't quite understand clearly.

24/12/20 - 1/01/21 Day 29 - 37:

Happy new year to you Michael. So I actually wanted to complete the javascript dsa section of the fcc, I put a pause on completing the frontend libraries section. right now I'm doing dsa challenges on Codewars

2/01/21 - 10/01/21 Day 38 - 47:

Through this period I've completed the react and redux fcc challenges, along with Codewars challenges. I spent a significant amount of time going over the react and redux challenges, revisiting the concepts more than once has helped me grow confidence working with the libraries.
Ultimately I became more familiar with javascript built-in methods like map, filter, reduce, Object.assign, and slice. Throughout, I grew familiar with the idea of state immutability, shallow, and deep cloning.
I have put completing the last challenge in the javascript algorithms and data structures projects on the back burner, while I grow more confident in solving these challenges I will return to it for completion. As for now, I am starting the front end libraries projects.


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