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Discussion on: Ionic In A Nutshell

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Thank your for your article, it is really great! I’ve heard opinions that Ionic nowadays is not as great as it used to be. For example, compared to Flutter, Ionic provides worse performance & testing. I do understand, that Flutter developers are quite biased against Ionic, but for example in this article, we can see that Flutter becomes more popular, and this trend will probably continue for some time as Google releases new updates etc. What do you think about it? Is there some place for Ionic on the market today?

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Fyodor Author

There definitely is. Even more than ever, probably.

We, developers, are lazy, and Ionic gives us possibility to use existing knowledge to build beautiful mobile applications in a fast way.

And we don't need to learn a new language and the whole set of tooling as in case of Flutter.

Don't get me wrong though, Flutter is very cool. And it's just the right tool for some goals.

But Ionic is great for building with ready-to-use building blocks in a real cross-platform way with the highest level of code reuse and respect to corresponding platform UI/UX guidelines and standards. Many companies and individuals recognize these benefits and use this library and the tools it provides.

There are whole bunch of pros and cons and I could reason about them forever probably, but the point is that Ionic is here to stay and it still shines, you can be sure 👍