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Discussion on: Help me Clear my tech stack Confusion (career)

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Hi! Have you decided? Imo you should go for Flutter as it promises a lot in the future. It's developed and supported by Google so we can suppose it'll get even better with updates. Also this year Flutter overcame React Native by popularity so I think its the right moment to enter this market. Also according to some articles about Flutter vs React Native, for example, and you can often see opinions that now, after all the updates, Flutter overcame RN in terms of usability, performance, coding, etc

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Muhammad Uzair Author

Yes, that's true. I haven't started learning Flutter yet. (This post reminded me how late I am). I was bit busy working on my FYP.
Now, I am confused choosing b/w UI/UX designing for mobile or Flutter development, I am just about to graduate and need to start freelancing. Flutter will take some time as confidence to take on projects take some time in programming, it is easier to take designing project.