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I am what I follow — Or maybe what I Wish to be

Arjun Shetty
・2 min read

I am a developer by heart whose brain is just not ready to settle on what to learn or do. Probably there are a lot of developers out there always want to learn a lot of things but end up doing nothing and getting lost in the 4th dimension(Internet) of things. Maybe our education system is to blame or the internet. We do not get things done unless someone has set fire on our asses saying — “I need this by end of the day”, not just says pays as well ;)

So for those developers here is a list of people or blogs you should follow and not get lost in the 4th dimension.

CS Dojo — Algorithms explained

Hacker Rank — Excellent challenges to assess yourself.

Hacker Earth — Another great place to learn to programme

Code Academy— Learning JS or creating websites

Jon Skeet in depth, check out his answers on Stackoverflow, this guy earns more points in a day than my monthly salary :P

DevHints — when your blank and not sure what to do fiddle in here

Kata Code — Some guided courses

Facebook — Definitely not this

Most of the links mentioned above are platform independent interests. Here is a list of feeds I follow. Forgive me for not well-organised list. You can scavenge here and maybe you find something that interests you ;)

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