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Developers Ego

Arjun Shetty
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Ego Hurts!

Everyone has ego accepting it just the first stage. Its hard to take comments from anyone on your beautifully written code, as the quote goes...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Its human nature to have it nothing wrong with it. There are 8 billion perspectives so is the population.

When a developer writes code he would mostly want cover as many scenarios there is, being human is our only limitation for now 😉.

We get so involved writing to those limited perspectives we can imagine, that it hurts when someone points out the missed ones. Only thing that teaches to take in criticism is experience.

Don't worry about the ego it fades with time 😇

Code on!

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Discussion (3)

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Gustavo Silva

We have to invest more time teaching code reviews indeed!
Here's an article - top 10 ways to perform fast code reviews - we shared here with the community.

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Nina Rallies

I have a colleague who’s extremely good at reviews. He’ll leave comments on PRs you’re pretty sure have no issues. His comments are mostly on typos, better names, or a paragraph long comment on why this one line of code should be broken down into two for readability. At first I’d try to get my PRs approved by others before he got to them. I admit , I was silly! Later on I figured he’s offering me more than I could ask for. His comments come from years of experience; he makes our code base readable, and it’s because of his efforts that our unboarding process is quick. I’ve come to appreciate his efforts and time. I’m not in a hurry to push PRs ASAP anymore. Shoutout to all great reviewers and my incredibly kind colleague... you are amazing!

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Arjun Shetty Author

I second that!
Even I was on the same boat as you were at my early dev days. You surely are on the right path.
All those great reviewers they manage to keep peace. They know the pain of being in Production Incidents burning the midnight oil. Its no fun.