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Discussion on: The Golden Rule for Junior Developers

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Leonardo Garcia • Edited

I could not agree with this post more. I started out 2 years ago right out of college. I had no experience in the tech stack we were using but revved up quickly by asking questions! It truly is your greatest weapon when you are a junior, entry, whatever kind of developer honestly. As a senior if you are switching jobs you may not need to know the tech/language side as much but things run differently at different companies and asking questions about business rules is just as important. Thank you for writing this. I think this topic of asking questions doesn't get as much attention as it should. I even mentioned it here in my reply!

I consider my self a Junior Developer at the moment. I have been working for about two years now in the Microsoft Stack. A couple tools or technologies that are key are:

  • GIT
  • Any good text/code editor. My flavor: Visual Studio Code
  • Greatest tool you can have as a Junior developer is asking questions.